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Low Cost Ways to Update a Guest Room


Q.† Dear Karrie,†

†††††††† Iím going to have relatives staying with me for several weeks and I would like to makeover my guest room so that they feel comfortable and truly welcomed.† With a limited budget, where should I start to get the most bang for my buck?


A. Iíve looked at the pictures you sent and I think youíve got a great foundation to start with. The walls are a neutral color and the flooring is a gorgeous hardwood.† There are several things you can do to create an inviting space for your guests on a budget.


1. It's easy to add bursts of color. Pick one or two colors you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork, bold bedding, and colorful accents.

2. Incorporate lots of texture into the room with rugs, throws and pillows.† Texture invites touch and touch brings about a sense of comfort.

3. Invest in luxury sheets and new pillows

4. Make sure your guests have a place to sit and read by adding a chair and lighting.

5. Clean out dresser drawers and add a scented sachet pillow.† Hang decorative hangers in the closet

6. Top it off with a vase of fresh flowers!


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