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LSI Design 101

·   LSI DESIGN 101

· Dress Up your Walls with Molding

This is one of my favorite things to do in any room that needs some pizzazz!  It’s an easy and affordable way to get the most bang for your buck.  Add a chair rail about three feet up the wall from the floor then add additional squares or rectangles in a repeating pattern on the wall above, below or both!  Paint the molding the same color as the wall or paint it white to create drama.  Get creative and use different colors above and below the chair rail or how about using wallpaper inside the squares to add texture and interest.


· Design Ideas for Apartment Living

1.  Can’t paint the walls?  Purchase fabric or wallpaper in a bold pattern or color and hang it from wooden dowels in sheets on the wall. Remember to anchor the bottom with another dowel or drapery weight.


2.  Hide extra pillows, blankets and throws in ottomans or baskets.  Add a large tray to the top and you’ve got an instant coffee table.


3.  Need extra storage?  Take an ordinary bookcase, paint it a fun color and fill the shelves with coordinating baskets or bins. Place it in a room or in a closet and use it for clothing, toiletries, food, or office storage!

· How to Mix Patterns

The easiest way to mix patterns is to start with one color plus white.  For example, say your colors are black and white.  Your bedroom will look stunning with black and white striped window treatments, a black and white floral or patterned duvet in a large print and lots of black and white patterned pillows.  Use solids, geometrics and small patterns in the pillows and on furniture to complete the look.


· Make a Small Room Look Larger

Window treatments, tables, artwork, and furniture are all “visual obstacles”. In a small room these obstacles can make a room appear smaller. Why? Because these items create boundary’s or borders and as your eye travels around a room it stops and focuses on them.  Remove the boundary’s in a small room by unifying the color scheme, use glass top tables, replace heavy window treatments with blinds and keep accessories to a minimum. Try using one large piece of art instead of multiple smaller ones to create focal points in the room.

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